I am a Sound Energy Healer, Yoga Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner,  Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator, Art Therapist Life Coach, and an empowering workshop facilitator. 

As well as private one-one-sessions, I offer regular group events, including the popular Gentle Yoga and Sound Healing classes, Group Sound Healing, as well half and full day retreats.    

I specialise in the re-alignment of the natural energy flow of the body, removing energetic blockages and balancing the Chakras,  as well as assisting clients to calm their minds and soothe their hearts, for healing, insight and guidance.

My services include: 

- Sound Energy Healing; one-on-one  and Group Sound  Healing -  using Therapeutic Bowls, Solfeggio Tuned Pipes, Gong, Chimes and Crystal Quartz Bowl.

- Gentle Yoga classes and events, often incorporating Sound Healing and Mindfulness Meditation

- Shamanic Healing, either one-on-one sessions, or via Skype.

- Soul Retrieval, one-on-one, a 2 part session

- Art Therapy workshops, incorporating Gentle Yoga and Sound Healing  


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I have always carried the fire of shamanism within me, even though I had not labelled it as such, either to myself or publicly, until later in my life. Sometimes it was a small flickering flame but now it burns brightly with courage, grace, compassion and much gratitude. 

Shamanism honours that all matter is composed of energy, and this energy connects us all; all people, Mother Earth including the Animal, Plant and Stone Kingdoms and the spirit world beyond. 

Shamanism honours the deep connection to Mother Earth.

Everything is energy, and all is connected.

Some say a shamanic healing path can only be handed down through a bloodline. I disagree. Though I was not born in this lifetime an Australian Aborigine, nor a Native American Indian, nor born in the land of the Celts, Vikings, Siberians, South American or African peoples, I am connected to all, as we are all energy. 

And so, I wholeheartedly not only embrace my shamanic way of living, but my work as a Shamanic Practitioner, following primarily Native American Indian (First Nations) Shamanism, as per my Practitioner study.      

I live and work shamanically, seeking peace and harmony along the way.



Our greatest disappointments, pain, regrets and challenges provide us with our greatest opportunities for inner growth and transformation.

Through my shamanic practice, I assist my clients to go within, to face their shadow side and to bring it into their awareness.

Only when their shadow side, their darkness is brought into the light, can true change and healing begin.

Only then can they re-write their old stories of disempowerment, into new stories of empowerment!

I am a mother of three wonderful children and for most of my life, I lived in the Australian bush. After moving to the coast, my abode for a few years was only a few footsteps from a sandy beach and salty ocean. And then I journeyed to Ireland where I lived for a year at Dancing Moons Shamanic Centre, a rural shamanic haven in the heart of the Irish countryside of County Wexford.    

I am the author of, Woman of Clay and the sequel, The Sacred Grove, both set in a mystical Celtic land circa 400AD.  

My writing expresses my truths: 

To courageously dive deep within to heal, empower and follow one’s heart, and to fiercely embrace the sacredness of oneself




For guidance and to assist in my healing work, I call upon the energies of the earth, trees, stone and animal energy, in the form of Power Animals and allies, and the energies of the spirit world. 

Though there are many streams of Shamanism originating in different continents, the core foundations and practices are fundamentally very similar.     

I have studied shamanism in Sydney, Australia; the UK and Arizona, USA under Heatherash Amara, who studied with don Miguel Riuz, the author of The Four Agreements. I have studied extensively in Ireland, particularly at Dancing Moons Shamanic Centre under Colm Kiely who studied under many teachers, including Emaho Montoya, of the Lakota Sioux nation, and Sandra Ingerman.

I have immersed myself in numerous Shamanic workshops and sound and energy healing training in Ireland and the UK.

I have been blessed to ‘Fire Dance’ in Cork, Ireland and Amsterdam with Emaho Montoya, of the Lakota Sioux nation.

I have ‘Walked Upon Fire’ in Sedona, Arizona with Heatherash Amara.

And I have been blessed to have participated in a sacred and powerful Pipe Ceremony; a pipe from an Oglala medicine man, with ancient lineage to White Buffalo Calf Woman.

My primal courage was brought forth upon entering a cow dung hut in Tanzania and sitting with Masaii warriors.   


By a bonfire on the edge of the black volcanic cliffs of the Big Island of Hawaii, I shamanically drummed, ‘Into My Wild’, and later immersed my naked self in sacred shamanic healing in the forest. 

While hiking in the Australian bush, I happened upon a huge nest made of branches, twigs, sun-bleached bones and feathers. It was the nest of a wedge-tailed eagle and its three hungry fledglings nested within it. A true blessing to witness.'

And I have been swooped upon by the Great Tawny Eagle in Kenya, who drew blood from my hand before soaring back into the African sky.  

I walked upon the sacred land of Australia for many years, swam in billabongs and ocean, wandered under gum trees and wattle bushes and around granite outcrops, sat at campfires under the stars, meditated upon rocks on frosty mornings and under the heat of many a summer sun. I lived closely with the kangaroo, wedge-tailed eagle, snake, lizard and crow. I have bathed in an ancient swamp in Australia, a place known to be where Aboriginal women gathered for sacred healing. The land of my birth is an ancient land and I have always honoured and respected her.   

The land in the bush where I lived is called Peel, just above the Bathurst Plains of New South Wales. This land is the traditional land of the Wiradjuri People, who have walked these lands and rivers for more than 40,000 years. Their totem is the goanna, a large lizard. And at the base of the granite hills of Peel is the resting place of Windradyne, (c 1800 -1829) an Aboriginal warrior and resistance leader of the Wiradjuri nation.  

I would like to acknowledge and give gratitude for my time that I walked upon the traditional lands of the Wiradjuri people, and I pay my respect to Elders both past and present.

Bernie's Qualifications:

- Shamanic Practitioner - Dancing Moons Shamanic Centre, Inch, Gorey Co Wexford, Ireland

- Shamanic Sound Energy Healer – Diploma Nadabrahma Health Academy, Hill of Tara, Ireland

- Yoga Teacher – Byron Bay Yoga Centre, Australia

- Yin Yoga Teacher – Jyoti Soul Yoga, Dublin, Ireland

- Diploma in Indian Head Massage and Hand, Arm, Leg and Feet Massage

- Workshop Facilitator – Heatherash Amara

- Author – Woman of Clay and The Sacred Grove

"When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace”  

Author Unknown