BLOG #1 : Life is a Symphony!


"Everything is vibration" said Albert Einstein.

Everything - all matter, including all our organs, cells and all our atoms, are composed of energy and are in constant vibration. If the vibration is changed, change is created!

Not only is all matter composed of energy, but sound is also energy that has a vibration or frequency that is measured in cycles per second, called hertz. The slower the vibration, the lower the frequency. The faster the vibration, the higher the frequency.

Sound travels 4 times faster through water than in air, and because our bodies are composed of an average of 65% water, they are an excellent sound resonator.

So, back to Life being a Symphony!

An orchestra is composed of many different instruments from different families, including woodwind, brass, percussion and bowed stringed instruments. At first glance it may appear that with such a variety of musical instruments there could be chaos. But when each instrument is tuned and emitting their own sound or vibration, and a pattern of order or balance is followed, harmony reigns. But if one of the instruments is not tuned correctly, this affects the harmony or the energetic balance and rhythm of the orchestra as a whole.

And the same applies to our bodies. Think of your body as an orchestra, composed of many different organs, muscles, joints, systems, and Chakras (energy centres), all tuned or vibrating to their own natural pitch or frequency. If one organ or Chakra is not in tune, if the energy is not in balance and in harmony, then chaos, or energetic blockages are more likely to occur. And in a body with energetic blockages, stagnant energy and imbalance, dis-ease is more likely to occur.

Each Chakra and the organs and systems associated with it, resonate with their own frequency.

The lower the Chakra, the lower the frequency.

Sound healing is creating a resonance to match the natural frequency or vibration of different Chakras, organs, joints and systems of the body. When one of these is lower in frequency to what is its natural pitch, and sound healing is applied, entrainment can occur. This is the action where the frequency of the sound therapy bowl causes the frequency of the organ for example, to meet and vibrate at the same frequency as the therapy bowl, thus raising the frequency and allowing energy to flow and energetic blockages to clear.

When we ‘entrain’ with healing frequencies, our minds and bodies can vibrate with balance and harmony, as does an orchestra if all the instruments are tuned correctly.

Listening to different frequencies bring about different changes within the body.

For example, the frequency of 285 Hz signals cells and tissues to heal and leaves the body feeling energised.

The frequency of 639 Hz is associated with the Heart Chakra. It encourages feelings of love and helps to bring balance to relationships.

Yes, life really is a symphony!

Kil Mag