BLOG #2 The Circle


‘In the Circle we are all equal.
When in the Circle, no one is in front of you.
No one is behind you.
No one is above you.
No one is below you.
The Sacred Circle is designed to create unity’

Dave Chief
Oglala Lakota

The shape of the circle and its symbolism has been used by most cultures since the beginning of time. It is a universal symbol and is sacred to several cultures.

In Shamanism, the circle is one of the most significant symbols used.

When a Sacred Circle is created, it is seen as a protective space for those who sit within the circle. It represents the understanding that when we sit in a Sacred Circle, all within it are equal, no one is above, behind or below another.

A Sacred Circle can be created to provide a sense of safety and of being held and supported within the circle. It is a safe and nurturing space to gather, to meditate, to share, to speak and express, and to heal. It encourages unity and a sense of community.

The circle also reminds us of Mother Earth and fertility - the feminine and the womb, and the cycle of life – of birth, death and rebirth. The circle reminds us of the cyclical nature of life – the changing seasons both of nature and within ourselves – the ebb and flow of life.
And it reminds us of the moon and the sun – the feminine and the masculine – in harmony and balance.

The circle can represent balance, wholeness, and infinity.

The circle created in a wedding ring is symbolic of the un-ending love between two people, the sacredness within the ring or circle reminding them of the sacredness of their relationship.

In Shamanism the circle also represents the Medicine Wheel. The wheel, or circle is divided into four quadrants and each quadrant references a direction – east, south, west and north - and each direction corresponds to one of the four elements – Air, Water, Fire, Earth.

It is interesting to think of dropping a pebble into a pond of water and watching the gentle ripple effect, of circles circling outwards and that go on and on and on.

Much comes forth from within the circle.

Kil Mag