Woman Of Clay (2017)

Woman of Clay is a timeless story about finding the courage to follow one's heart. 

Riona is a skilled potter who lives on the island of Slane. She fantasises about creating a clay figure of her own design, her own woman of clay. She longs to feel that she is valued and accepted by others on the island. She longs to feel safe, to have companionship and a sense of belonging.

But Riona lives on an island where there are dark cloaks to wear, many rules and paths to follow, and endless shallow platters and hollow pots to throw from her wheel. The expectations and judgements of the other islanders govern Riona's life, just as the stones that border the many paths on Slane, confine her direction. There is no place for a woman of clay.

She is alone when she looks from her cave out to sea to the world beyond. She is alone when she sits on the cliffs and when she sees strange flickering lights at night and is scared. And she is alone when she witnesses a suicide.

She alone can see Murtagh, the confronting and enigmatic hermit whom the others believe is dead. Is he a figment of her imagination or a tangible connection to those on the other side? 

Riona has always been told those on the mainland are evil. Her first visit there is both confronting and exciting, she must reconcile what she has grown up believing and what she has now seen with her own eyes. Her meetings with the mysterious Anya and the performers are both confusing and potentially life-changing.

Back on the island once more Riona finds her life, just like her potter's wheel, is spinning out of control. She realises she is a prisoner, cloaked and bound by the expectations of others. She must find the courage to re-shape her woman of clay and with it, release her true self. 

She must be Riona, Woman of Clay.

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The Sacred Grove (2017)

Rich in history and druidic lore, The Sacred Grove is set in 400AD, in a mythical Celtic land. 

Authentic and inspirational in its telling, it is the dramatic and deeply moving tale of Riona, a young potter.

Having found the courage to follow her heart and leave the island of her birth, Riona finds herself in a strange land with unfamiliar forests, druids and sacred groves. 

The forest stirs strange, new emotions within Riona. Alone, she witnesses darkness and death within herself and others. And from this she fears her woman of clay within her, her bhean cre, has perished and thus her will and reason to live.   

To heal and to find her peace, her purpose, Riona must summon the courage to return to the forest and to her sacred grove within. 

The Sacred Grove reminds us of the connectedness of all things and the importance of courage, forgiveness and compassion.    

It reminds us that though our anticipated life journeys often twist and turn and change midstream, and storms may come from nowhere, one can still find a place of calm within the storm; a place of their own sacred grove.   

She realised now that her woman of clay had always been within her, within her sacred grove, as was all that was sacred and precious to her.

'I am sacred, that I am.'

Out now on Kindle, or get your signed physical copy now!


An introduction of myself and my business as Shamanic Practitioner, Shamanic Sound Energy Healer, Yoga Teacher, Workshop Facilitator and Author 

A short chat about a Shamanic Meditation/Journey Circle I facilitated this week. The intention or theme I chose was the element of Fire - for transformation


“Break through the fear, and walk through the fire.” 

Author Unknown