The Sacred Grove

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Woman of Clay

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Dream Interpretation

Are you confused, puzzled or even bewildered by your dreams?

Although you have Googled in search of the meaning of your dreams, are you even more confused than when you started?

Are you seeking clarity for the dreams that visit you in your sleep?

I have practiced dream interpretation for many years. Applying my experience, focused intuition and Shamanic Practice, including a short journey/meditation and Shamanic card reading for extra clarity, I offer dream interpretation to help you understand the messages your subconscious is sending you as you dream, as
well as guidance to apply to your life.

If you are interested, please contact me to arrange your individual Dream Interpretation, either by email or Skype.

Cost: $60 AUD



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Shamanic Reading

For your online Shamanic Readings, I use Shamanic cards, walnut tree pendulum, rowan tree rods and crystals as well as channelled guidance from my spirit guides and my own intuitive knowing.

Your reading will help you to gain clarity on an issue concerning you, a challenge you are facing, an obstacle on your path ahead, your direction and purpose. It will help to clear away the cobwebs so
that you have a clearer vision to move forward from.

Shamanic Readings are suitable for people from all walks of life, you do not need to be walking a shamanic path to have this reading. Your reading will guide you no matter what life path you walk
upon. Your reading will be all about you! Everything is composed of energy, and thus, we are all connected!

During your reading I will connect to your energy to assist me in reading for you!

Readings are arranged by Skype or can be done in your absence and I will email your reading to you.

Investment for your Shamanic Reading: $60AUD, payments can be made here or via the PayPal Logo at the bottom of the page

If you would like to arrange a Shamanic Reading, please contact me

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Carl Jung