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RECLAIM YOUR WARRIOR GODDESS- a Woman with Purpose, Power & Peace

Full Day Empowering Workshop for Women incorporating Gentle Yoga, Sound Healing, Intuitive Drumming Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Discussion and Journaling.

What arises through gentle yoga, sound healing and meditations does so for release, for acknowledgment, and for healing. And through healing, we are empowered.

We will come together to:

  • Set a personal intention for the day to Reclaim your Warrior Goddess - a Woman with Purpose, Power & Peace

  • Gently Stretch to ease and release tension in the body, and focus on the breath to help calm the mind

  • Follow the beat of my Shamanic Drum to your intuitive self for inner guidance and later journal

  • Enjoy Group Sound Healing to help shift energetic blockages, re-balance your energy, relax and re-charge the body & soothe the heart

  • Mindfulness Meditation to focus on the present moment

  • Gently Stretch into specific poses helping you connect to your Purpose, Power and Peace

  • Vegetarian lunch & morning and afternoon tea provided

  • Small journal provided

  • Investment for the day: $85


Gentle Yoga

Thursdays 5.30pm - 6.30pm  in the Gladstone Hall Cost - $12

Thursdays 6.35pm - 7.45pm in the Gladstone Hall- Gentle Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation & Sound Healing - $14

Shamanic Meditation & Interpretative Guidance

Private Sessions by Appointment  1 hour - Cost $60

Gentle Yoga & Sound Healing

Every Saturday 3pm - 4.30pm in the Gladstone Hall  Cost - $15


Group Sound Healing

Using Therapy Bowls, Crystal Quartz Bowls, Solfeggio Tuned Pipes, Chime, Ocean Drum and Gong.
Vibrational Sound works on many levels to re-balance the body’s energy, to release energetic blockages and emotions, to help one to switch off and to fully experience the present moment.


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Day Workshop or 2 Hours for 4 weeks. 

Are you ready for change?

Are you ready to transform an area of your life that has been holding you back from being the best version of yourself?

Are you ready to ride the rhythmic wave of the Shaman’s Horse, my Shamanic Drum beat, to journey deep within to seek guidance and inner wisdom?

Deep personal healing awaits you!

In this workshop you will:

- Experience creating a sacred circle
- Set an intention for the workshop
- Learn the basic core foundations and practices of shamanism and its connection to the elements, Air, Fire, Water, Earth
- Learn to shamanically journey/meditate within to connect with your Power Animal, Animal Allies, Spirit guides
- Journey with movement to connect to the energy of your Power Animal
- By applying the messages and guidance you receive, you will be empowered to transform yourself and your life.
- No prior shamanic experience is necessary
- A journal will be supplied

If you have any questions or are interested in this transformative workshop, do not hesitate to contact me



Gentle Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing

bowls 1.png

Come and enjoy a relaxing restorative day retreat! A day just for you, to nurture your mind, body and soul!

This retreat is aimed at slowing you down and helping you to de-stress, unwind and recharge.




Are you ready to heal your wounded heart?

Are you finding it difficult to heal your heart following the death of a loved one, the end of a relationship, change of life, or a painful or traumatic experience?

A sacred circle is created for this one and half day workshop, so that all within the circle feel safe and supported.

During this shamanic workshop, we respectfully and safely navigate through the experience that wounded your heart. We participate in ceremony and journeying/meditating to acknowledge your
wound, and to gain insight and guidance for your healing.

And in doing so, you not only honour your heart, but emerge with more peace, love, and gratitude in your heart for your life’s journey.

No shamanic experience is necessary to participate in this workshop.

Workshop journal and Vegetarian lunch, fresh fruit and vegetable juices and tea are included in the workshop.

Workshop times:
Dates and venue to be advised.
Friday 7pm-9pm (Opening Sacred Circle and setting intention)
Saturday 9am-4pm (main workshop)
Investment for this workshop: $130 AUD
If you have any questions or are interested in this transformative workshop, do not hesitate to contact me


Come join me to connect with your intuitive self; for insight, guidance and direction.

After I create a sacred circle, so that all who sit within it feel safe and supported, I beat my shamanic drum and rattle to lead those within the circle through a shamanic journey.

Afterwards, all are most welcome to share their journeys if they feel inclined to do so.

“Our first teacher is our own heart.”

Cheyenne Indian proverb